What is Proof?

Authenticity is an essential ingredient for any AMA Event Host. Your Guests want to be sure you are who you say you are, whether you invite them or they find you on their own. And so, if you’ve decided to host an AMA (regardless of your background or the topic), we ask that you provide proof of your identity. This allows the community to ensure that Hosts aren’t posing as someone who they are not. Additionally, it helps instill confidence that you have the experience to speak to the topic at hand.

While there are various ways to provide proof, we find that a photo works best. Step one is to take a photo of yourself holding a sign that states your name, the fact that you’ll be hosting an AMA Event on AMAfeed.com and the name of the Channel. For example:


From there, you can choose one of three ways to establish this proof for your audience:

  1. Upload this photo on your “Create AMA” page.
  2. Create a page (or post an article) on your website with this photo, and then include a link to this page on your “Create AMA” page.
  3. Upload the photo to any of your social media accounts,and then include a link to the post on your "Create AMA" page.

It’s as simple as that!