It's finally here!! Selling A Fantasy - $1M in BBLs in 72 days + 230 new patients PLASTIC SURGERY #AMA!

Lexi Montgomery, Founder of The Darling Company
Jun 11, 2018

I own a marketing agency in Miami Beach called The Darling Company. We specialize in marketing to women. 91% of female consumers feel that marketers don't understand them, so we've branded ourselves like an escort service and tackled projects from plastic surgery to vodka.

Early on, I was told that I should become an escort instead of working in tech. As humiliating as this was - it let me know something very important. It let me know how people viewed me. The comment was hurtful, but as a marketer, I had to take a hint and work with my strengths. Tech skills aside, I knew I could sell (had been a top seller for Sprint & Girl Scouts of America, AND an actress in Hollywood).

It became clear that people would judge me by my looks before I ever opened my mouth. So I changed our branding, our angle, and niched down to service a very small, senior professional clientele with very specific, detail-oriented solutions to growing a surgical practice. I've gotta say, my favorite thing to sell (2nd to vodka) is BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFTS!!

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How do you handle the quality assurance of the work in the agency?
Jun 18, 2:31AM EDT0

I check it. As an agency owner you kind of have to make sure everything going out is up to the standard and congruent with branding. If we get too big, I'll have to higher a really good VP or project manager.

Jul 6, 11:21PM EDT0
Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success? What's your secret?
Jun 18, 1:13AM EDT0

Persistence!! Omg, persistence is the only characteristic that's necessary in my honest opinion. If something wakes you up every morning, then don't quit. If you love it, and could do it every day forever, quitting will only breed self-loathing, regret, depression, etc. I am not that good at much and have trouble thinking linear, logically, or analytically - but I always persevere and continue trying to think outside the box, remain positive, etc. A "NO" only means "not yet" ...don't be annoying, egoic, or salesy. Just be relentless and consistently improve on yourself to improve results. May take years, but you will find success in time if you persist.

Jul 6, 2:04PM EDT0
Does your agency have a separate analytics department to help with analysis and reporting?
Jun 17, 5:10PM EDT0

No we don't.

Jun 17, 8:23PM EDT0
Some websites look professional and attractive but they end up being cons. What would be signs that a website, even if it looks professional, might be a fraud?
Jun 16, 9:05PM EDT0

That's hard to say because even legitimate companies today will collect personal data and use it to your demise. If a company is requesting anything from you beyond your email address and maybe name or phone number - it may be a con. I like to offer freebies, books, etc before trying to charge anyone. Legitimate websites also should not have misspellings. I think a major issue with scammer sites is that they're thrown together. Paying close attention to detail usually can share a lot about a company.

Jun 17, 8:25PM EDT0
How do you guarantee clients that they will get the expected results? Do you have a fail-safe strategy?
Jun 16, 9:16AM EDT0

We offer a guarantee'd keywords package when we first on-board a new client. This means that the client can expect to show up on the first page of an organic search for 3-5 specified searches. We actually can't "guarantee" anything because Google's algorithm is constantly changing, however, we stake our reputation on this "guarantee" because if we don't deliver, we could end up with bad reviews and in legal trouble. Ultimately we don't want to be in any legal battles, so we only promise or guarantee things we know we'll be able to achieve in a given time period. High stakes, but such a fun and exciting industry!

Jun 16, 5:11PM EDT0
How have you developed your partnerships and what plays a defining role into establishing a partnership with your company?
Jun 16, 7:16AM EDT0

I don't really like partnerships. In the beginning, MANY people inquired about forming a "partnership" which basically means selling their services to my clients. I think the fundamental flaw with most partnerships is that they're formed out of need rather than a genuinely good fit. If someone is talking about a partnership before they've offered you something (without expecting anything in return) - they probably have personal motives that don't have anything to do with your company. I think the best partnerships are formed in the later stages of a relationship with an individual or company.

Last edited @ Jun 16, 5:17PM EDT.
Jun 16, 5:17PM EDT0
What tips are most helpful with regards to web design and SEO to make your brand stand out from the competition?
Jun 16, 7:10AM EDT0

Well everyone always says "don't reinvent the wheel." I was really bad at this in the beginning and tried reinventing the wheel many times before I just went the standard route. I think the most important thing is to remember that doing something "better" and doing something "different" yield totally differing results. I tried to do things differently for a long time without any success. Then I just did what everyone was doing, but I did it better. I got more specific, direct, and focused - and that led to finding my niche.

Jun 16, 5:14PM EDT0
How did you decide to expand your business to Bangkok and Amsterdam? What made you choose those locations in addition to Miami?
Jun 16, 12:45AM EDT0

That's easy! Those cities are known for beautiful women, freedom, and embracing sexuality. We're branded somewhat like an escort service and actually cater to clients who desire to market to women. We're not in Amsterdam yet, but Bangkok & Miami are our focused markets. We also have clients in other states and the UK. It's really just a branding move and helps to strengthen the fantasy we build for clients about what they can expect from their digital agency experience with us. 

Jun 16, 5:00PM EDT0
Why are butt lifts your favourites to sell?
Jun 13, 9:32AM EDT0

They're very popular because they don't involve any sort of implants - they're mainly about fat transfer. And they have a dramatic result which gets the patient feeling way more confident. I think they are just my favorite because pop culture loves the BBL procedure (Kardashians, Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, etc) so the patients really get into it!

Jun 13, 3:39PM EDT0
How important is for a business for their site to look good? Can you still get good business with an unattractive site if you have good SEO?
Jun 13, 5:25AM EDT0

Yes and no. Getting "good" business centers around your ability to do good keyword research. Here's a video on doing that on your own:

I think your site needs to have the most important components right like copywriting, and a clear sales funnel, but it doesn't need all the bells & whistles.

Jun 13, 3:46PM EDT0
What does the free analysis you offer include?
Jun 13, 1:12AM EDT0

It depends on your industry, goals, and budget. Usually, we do a video reviewing psychology & branding tactics on your homepage and a few interior pages and then we use one of our tools to do a thorough SEO analysis of your backlinks, keyword research, etc. If you would like a website, branding, or marketing analysis - please fill out this form and we'll get back within 72 hours

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Jun 13, 3:37PM EDT0
What character traits enabled you to become as successful as you are?
Jun 12, 8:24PM EDT0

Persistence & perseverance. I'm not especially smart, talented, or well connected. I just don't stop...

Jun 12, 9:34PM EDT0
What has been the most successful way of sourcing clients for the surgery business?
Jun 12, 3:28PM EDT0
Last edited @ Jun 13, 3:47PM EDT.
Jun 12, 4:39PM EDT0
Are you planning to work with more surgeons now? What are the reasons for your answer?
Jun 12, 9:39AM EDT0

Yes, of course. I think, for us at least, the best clients are surgeons. They seem to have a solid deliverable, with constant leads, and very few companies know how to effectively market surgery. I also like to support industries like this because I know how much plastic surgery can improve a woman's self-esteem. Before working one-on-one with patients, I bought into the stigma that "the cosmetic industry is supported by men taking advantage of women's insecurities" ... and I'm not sure if that's true, but I know these surgeries dramatically improve the day to day lives of the women that get them. It's just the current state of humanity, and I personally believe it's better to live a good life than to hate your life for the sake of righteousness. It is what it is lol.

Jun 12, 12:12PM EDT0
Who were some of the people who have been instrumental in your success? What role do personal connections play in one's professional goals?
Jun 11, 11:30PM EDT0

I think the first people to influence a child are always the parents (or whoever raised you). Regardless if they taught useful lessons or taught you what NOT to do in life, you definitely learn a lot of subconscious behaviors from your caretakers and providers. Secondly, I'd say my peers. I've had lots of friends over the years, and they all played a role in teaching me what I want or don't want in life, and encouraging me or hating which ultimately just motivates a person even further. I think the core people in your life are always the biggest influences whether you like it or not. Personal connections can help you reach or distance yourself from professional goals. Inevitably, you will become distant from past friendships, and even close relatives if your journey moves in a new direction and they stay in the same place (wealth, success, fame, travel, etc).

Jun 12, 12:16PM EDT0
What role do you play in supporting women in business and in tech?
Jun 11, 8:54PM EDT0

I guess I try to just lead by example & break down those stigmas about being feminine & good at technology. We've done a speaking engagement for women working in STEM, I'd like to do a few more honestly.

Jun 12, 12:06PM EDT0
Is your branding and image affected in any way by recent legislations in the states against sex work?
Jun 11, 10:41AM EDT0

Lol no... we don't actually offer any sex-related services. We're a marketing agency.

Jun 11, 1:18PM EDT0
What do most businesses get wrong when it comes to understanding and creating products and services for women?
Jun 11, 9:59AM EDT0

They don't tell enough stories. They aren't invested in the 'woman' - they're invested in making a sale. It's a huge communication gap because men (analytical, linear, tactical thinkers) are creating the content for women (fantastical, emotionally complex creatures) - and most modern businesses fail to connect the dots in their marketing efforts. I hope to innovate the way we market to women because women influence over 70% of consumer purchases.

Jun 11, 1:17PM EDT0
Do you often feel it is a duty for you to become an inspiration to women? Why?
Jun 11, 4:23AM EDT0

No, lol. I'm not really the "role model" type. I kinda just live life, push boundaries, and try new things. I think the best inspiration will come through creating good content and really building a reputation for what I contribute to modern marketing & design concepts.

Jun 11, 1:14PM EDT0
Who were some of the female entrepreneurs you looked up to when you were starting your business?
Jun 11, 3:30AM EDT0

Jessica Alba, Oprah, AND Sophia Amoruso for sure!

Jun 11, 1:13PM EDT0
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